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The South NEW 2013 Abbeville Summer School

To understand the South and its native people of today, you must understand the South’s struggle for independence and freedom from a Tyrant government over 140 years ago. Many non native Southerners have a hard time understanding why a war from the 1860’s is still in the hearts and minds of many Southerners today. The simple answer is that the war touched every family of the South as the union federal army destroyed virtually all of the Southern economy and tore apart the majority of Southern communities by burning, looting and murdering civilians even after the outcome of the war was well decided. Those memories of hardship and loss survived fresh in the minds of those survivors well into the 20th century.

The facts that lead up to this war and the loss of the entire country’s rights and freedoms are more complex. We have amassed an assortment material of the great minds of Southern thought here for you to absorb.

Please educate yourself and help continue the fight to regain what has been lost. Understand what our ancestors were fighting for so that you can pass it on to the next generation.

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